"It's wonderful what Stefany is doing now to talk about engaging in these forums and giving survivors the hope, strength and support system to come forward."

- Hillary Platt, Project SARAH

"Mayz is determined, in her own way, to leave just as strong an impression. "

- Sheri Berkery, Courier-Post

Stefany Mayz is a recording artist and activist from southern New Jersey. Her tag line is, "My hope is to change the world one song at a time," and so far she's made progress. Her first single, "We Will Not Be Shamed" was an anthem giving a voice to sexual assault survivors everywhere. With some help from volunteers in her local community, she brought the song to life in a music video (and forthcoming mini-documentary) and help shed some light on a dark area. 

"We Will Not Be Shamed" has continued to shed light in other dark areas such as human trafficking. Mayz has performed this song at local educational events throughout the year bringing attention to the ongoing problem of modern day slavery. 

Most recently, she released a song called "All One" calling everyone to equality and seeing one another for the humans-beings that we all are. This song, having ben released during the covid-19 pandemic, has an extra layer of meaning in that we all are vulnerable in many ways but we all need one another more than ever before. Her music video is a collection of found and donated videos from all over to show how everyone is coming together and making positives out of a negative.